River ripples as the tide comes in

Part of a breaker (i think) on Poldu beach

AnotherĀ Poldu Cove Beach shot

Poldu Cove Beach

The full stretch of the cove, waves crashing inwards - pretty sunny for a February day.

River bubbles - as the river bubbles over the stones on the beach the clear water jumps around.

Ripples in water and sand

There’s a small river that runs over Poldu beach and into the sea, which is beautifully clear, and creates these great ripples as it goes down, the texture below of the sand and stones picking up the shadows is cool

Poldu Cove beach - keeping low to the sand and you can see the odd perception of the sea being higher than the beach. Dog paw print to the right, he skidded up to me and ran off again :P

Tide about to catch me in Poldu Cove at dusk

Poldu Cove to Church Cove

Its been at least a year since I posted a photo, proof that limited time and a broken workflow ends up with 600+ photos (after sorting) that need to be processed and can’t.

So finally repaired my workflow with the new Linux Mint 16, and strated processing some down, the following 3 are my favourites so far from a recent trip to Poldu Cove in Cornwall

A celtic hut in St Fagans, the smoke from the fire billowing out of the hut as there is no chimney inside.

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